Snehashis Sur is a freelance photographer. About his photography, he says ‘I believe in the alchemy of light.. Light alters the way we see everything. It can create something extraordinary out of the ordinary. The core of my work endeavors to create a poetic and visual conversation between the sea, where life began and the ever-evolving interaction between mankind and the natural world . My images challenge you to question why and thereby open you up to a deeper understanding of the purpose of the subject matter beyond the frame.I believe in the evocative and transformative power of the "alchemy of light". In addition there's a natural desire to explore the nuances of space, tone, form and composition within this context. Ultimately I'm pursuing a personal artistic vision and in the process want to create work which draws the viewer in and connects with them on some unseen, unknown, unsaid level. I believe that the power of an image lies with the viewer - they will be the ones to take whatever they will from what they see before them.'

He has been delving in photography since the age of nine when he was gifted a Ziess Ikon box camera by his mother. This was when his experiments with photography started.

At the age of eleven he inherited his grandfather's Yashica 635 which is a Twin Lens Reflex camera with a 120 as well as a 35mm film format. His experiments with this camera trigerred his romance with light.

Over the years Snehashis has toyed with various types of cameras and presently uses DSLRs in keeping in synch with the changing times.

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